Self-Help means to strive together

The counselling centers, Kiss Nürnberg-Fürth-Erlangen, Kiss Ansbach, Kiss Nürnberger Land, Kiss Roth-Schwabach and Kiss Weißenburg-Gunzenhausen are sponsored by and operate under the flagship of Non-Profit Association, Selbsthilfekontaktstellen Kiss Mittelfranken e.V. (Self-help Contact Point,  Middle-Franconia).

The association was founded in 1983 and is supported by the Region of Middle-Franconia, the statutory health insurances, the cities of Nürnberg and Erlangen, as well as through patronage and individual donations.

The association is a member in the Bavarian Paritätischen and belongs to the Deutschen Arbeitsgemeinschaft Selbsthilfegruppen e.V.(German consortium for self-help groups). It is also a member of the Verein Selbsthilfekontaktstellen Bayern e.V. (association for Bavarian self-help counseling centers).

Kiss Nürnberg•Fürth•Erlangen
Standort Nürnberg
Am Plärrer 15
90443 Nürnberg
Tel. 0911 234 94 49
Fax 0911 234 94 48
nuernberg (at)

Office Hours

Monday, Wednesday: 10-13 Hrs. & 14-17 Hrs.

Tuesday: 14-17 Hrs.

Thursday: 10-13 Hrs.

Evening telephonic consultation

Wednesday: 17-19 Hrs.

Please fix an appointment with us if you wish to have a face to face consultation / counseling.

All information regarding our work (and our services) as well as an index containing all self-help groups in Middle-Franconia can be found on this website.

In case you wish to support our work and become a member of the association, we will be pleased to send you the membership application form.

What are self-Help groups?

In self-help groups, people having similar issues / interests or problems get together and meet regularly, share their experiences and their knowledge. They understand, help and support each other in actively dealing with their situation.

There is no professional guidance which means that the group takes on the initiative and responsibility of organizing the meetings.

Who can participate?

Persons interested in a specific theme can participate in a self-help group. Usually persons facing a particular issue/problem themselves or if any of their family members are facing any issues come together in a Self-help group. The main criterion is one’s willingness to participate in a self-help group.

What should I bring along?

The readiness to talk about one’s own problems and themes and also to actively listen to others!

What will it cost me?

Self-help groups are free of charge – there may be a small contribution towards the rent for the venue.

Can I simply go to a group meeting?

The groups are generally open to new people. Some groups even allow participation without prior registration and welcome unannounced participants. However others prefer prior contact / information from the new members.


There are more than 800 self-help groups in Middle-Fanconia related to various themes, some examples are:

  • Addiction problems (e.g. alcohol, eating disorders, gambling)
  • General life situations/themes (e.g. joint/collaborative projects, grief)
  • Disability (e.g. visual impairment, hearing disability)
  • Parents (e.g. single parent, people with chronically ill children)
  • Women / Men (discussion groups on various themes)
  • Skin Diseases (e.g. psoriasis, scleroderma)
  • Internal Diseases (e.g. asthma, diabetes, rheumatism)
  • Neurological Disorders (e.g. multiple sclerosis, parkinson)
  • Psychological Disorders (e.g. anxiety, depression)
  • Tumor illnesses (e.g. women after cancer, laryngeal cancer)

For other topics, please contact us directly.


Our Services

Out consultation is confidential, free of cost and non-binding.

We provide information on every aspect of self-help.

We provide consultation and support to

  • People who are in search of a suitable group
  • Individuals or their family members who wish to form/initiate a self-help group
  • Self-help groups
  • Professionals working in health sector and other experts

We organize and facilitate

  • Networking and cooperation between the self-help groups
  • Informational events und trainings
  • Joint Projects with self-help groups and other cooperation partners
  • Courses around self-help

We take part

in various political panels and committees at community, regional and state (Bavarian) level.

We provide our premises

  • For self-help group meetings
  • On request, also for Events organized by our cooperation partners

We are looking forward to hearing from you. We understand Arabic, German, English, Russian and Turkish.